2 Hours with 4 Hamsters+DIY hamster playground

There was a half day at my school and my friend Hope decided to invite me to her house for the afternoon. I was very excited. Hope and her sister Grace have hamsters at her house, 4 to be precise.

Hope said that we could build a hamster playground. She and her sister have 4 hamsters named Dumpling(dad)(top left), Bubbles(mom)(top right), Zig(son)(bottom right), and Zat(the other son)(bottom left). I really like hamsters, but never had one as a pet. I do remember in Pre-Kindergarten when our classroom pets were hamsters and guinea pigs. Even though I have never met Hope and Grace’s hamsters, Hope has told me all I need to know about them. So, the days leading up to meeting the hamsters, I started calling Bubbles “Bwubbles” in that really adoring pre-schooler way. (Don’t worry if that didn’t make any sense:)).


I decided to bring my Instax camera and phone  to capture some moments with the hamsters in their “playground”. I also brought paper tissue rolls to make “tunnels” for them. But, the best part was that there was also lots of hamster food and other junk (as in DIY stuff that I brought).


[No caption] (Too cute)


Ahhhh!!! Dumpling!!! There’s nothing to see there!!!

I was welcomed into Hope’s house by the squeaky noises that the hamsters were making, and after a quick lunch, we raced to the hamster cages to create, or what I like to call DIY, a hamster playground.

We laid out all the materials on the ground and got to work……………………………………..They say that a picture can be worth a million words so……picture time!


The half finished playground…..

Funny story. We put Dumpling on the “slide” and he jumped off the edge into the pile of sunflower seeds (we filmed a slow motion video of it and it was HILARIOUS!!)


This was a screenshot of the video so sorry if it looks blurry….

Finally, when it was almost time to leave, we took some Instax photos with each other and the hamsters. This experience was definitely memorable and fun. Looking back at it while doing this post, I wish I could see the hamster gang again! As I bade a goodbye to “my”(I felt like they had a ‘good’ connection with me)pets, I already knew I would miss them.

P.S Did you guys like this post? Tell me by “liking” and commenting which picture was your favorite!


One final “hug”…. bye bye time!



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