Testing out DIYs #1: Bath Bombs

Recently, I have seen lots of DIY bath bombs in a wide array of colors and shapes. I wanted to test them out for you guys in case you want to give bath bombs to someone. So, today, me and my friend Hope are going to test them out. Let’s do it!

P.S I wanted to show you the process in pictures so I don’t bore you to death!


Bath bombs in the making…


The mixture…


We had to wait for 2 days to let it set!


YAY!! Some actually turned out crumbly IDK why…maybe not enough pressure…



Overall, they turned out pretty well. I think that if  I wanted them in a better shape, I could push down on the bath bomb harder so that it would stay in shape.

I would rate this a 4.5/5 because of the shape. There is also a scent of baking soda in the bath bombs.


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