This wasn’t what you expected, right?

BIG NEWS: (not really) The Hope and Maggie store has finally launched.

After days of talking and writing, we finally came up with a name and THAT stuff.

SOOOO….yeah, I know you guys were expecting a DIY or something but I really wanted to share this with you because we have been thinking about this for a long time and have wanted to do it but never had the time.

Check out the Hope and Maggie shop here:

Now, answering the Ws (who, what, when, where, why questions)

Who: My good friend Hope and me

What: Selling handmade products

When: 24/7 basically because it is ONLINE

Where: ONLINE, duh

Why: Every 2 months or so we will choose a charity to donate to and all sales (excluding material money) will be donated to that charity

BTW we only have 2 products there (mittens and minions) but you can submit a form telling us what you want and you can tell us and we can TRY to make it.

Soo yeah this probably wasn’t what you expected but I PROMISE that the next post will be a DIY.





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