Fujifilm Instax 101: How to take good Instax Photos

So, in the previous blog post, I talked about finding the right camera for yourself. I have the Instax Mini 25, which is the smaller and lighter one. Today, I will be showing you guys how to take good Instax photos with your camera. PS I didn’t use all my pictures because I have A LOT.



You always have to think about centering your photos. The viewfinder is not the ideal way, surprisingly, the viewfinder is a bit more right of the lens. So, you should use the viewfinder to get an idea of where you want the picture to be,then move it a little bit towards the right. As you can see, the cat photo was a little bit to one side, but I purposely made the flower photo go to one side.

Using the close-up lens

If you have an Instax Mini 25, it comes with a close-up lens. You can use the close-up lens to take pictures of this close-up ,duh~. Below is a picture of Hope’s and Grace’s hamster Bubbles it was a bit blurry because I didn’t use the close-up lens.


Take pictures of what you like

This one is probably not a tip, but take pictures of what you like.So for me, it would be clouds and cityscapes because I love the way there is an ombre effect when I take pictures of a sunrise aka I wake up at 5:00 to get a good pic then go back to sleep :DDD. All of these pictures were taken from my room.


That’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful!


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