Mission Acomplished!?

Yay!!! We finally landed in Osaka! We had to take a 1 hour bus ride to get to the city because the airport is in the countryside. After that, we went to Q’s mall and had a delicious lunch that consisted of soba noodles and tontaktsu ( or fried pork) with eggs. When we were in the elevator, we saw that there was a Disney store there. Um, HELLO?! We had to go there! THERE WERE SO MANY TSUM TSUMS!!!

Yes, I had to take a million pictures :D.

Now, what I got:

I only got one thing because my mom said it took up too much space in out luggage so I only got a Nemo medium Tsum Tsum.

My brother got 3 mini Tsum TSUMS, R2D2, C3PO, and BB8.

My sister also got a medium Tsum Tsum. She got Winnie the Pooh.



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