DIY Tomica Cars+ White Strawberries?!

 With me having brothers, a trip to Osaka wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Tomica Store.  We took the JR, or Japanese Railway, and went to first, Osaka Palace and then went to the mall where the store was. After a sushi lunch, we headed to the 13th floor and we’re ready to DIY our very own Tomica cars. If you don’t know what Tomica cars are, they are basically these matchbox cars that little boys(especially in Asia) like to play with.

I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to matchbox cars, but making the Tomica cars were actually fun.

The staff there were really nice, despite the language barrier. We learned how to assemble and test your car to see if it was ready for you to take home. And then… I saw Tsum Tsum cars! (So I HAD to get one)

After that, we rode the subway back to our hotel, which, conveniently had a shopping mall downstairs and a supermarket. We saw some strawberries and get this, WHITE STRAWBERRIES!!! What?!


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