3 Easy Wanderlust themed DIYs

Ever since I came back from Japan, I have had this idea of doing some travel or wanderlust-y DIYs. So, let’s just get onto the DIYs!

Tourist Mint Coin Display:

This one is great because tourist mint coins are (usually) cheap so if you want a cheap souvenir, this DIY is great for you.


  1. Tourist coins
  2. Boards
  3. Sticky tack


  1. Take your board
  2. Lay out all the tourist coins
  3. Simply, sticky tack the coins onto the board

“Memories” box:

This one is great if you want to remember your old tickets.


  1. Box (I recommend a clear one so that you can see what is inside)
  2. Stickers (optional)
  3. Pen
  4. Tickets


  1. Write the word “Memories” on the box
  2. This part is optional, but you can stick some cute stickers on the box
  3. Then, put all your ticket stubs into the box



  1. Notebook


I wouldn’t really consider this a DIY because all you really do is go to places and collect the stamps and you can display the stamps.


If you see this, comment where you REALLY want to go!


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