Writing a biography seems a bit intimidating right now so I thought I would just answer some frequently asked questions.

Q: How did you come up with your blog title and tagline?

A: Well, the name kind of just popped into my head as I sat in front of my computer trying to make up a name. And for the tagline, well, that’s basically what I do, writing all this stuff in my blog.

Q: When and where did you first start your blog and how?

A: I started my blog on July 6th,2016 with Blogger and then moved to WordPress on, coincidentally, November 6th. A teacher encouraged me to start a blog after a DIY how to essay I wrote (and the pictures:).

Q: Is Maggie your real name?

A: No, my friends call me Maggie but my real name is Margaret.

Q: Why is your blog title Randomly Maggie when there are mostly DIYs here?

A: Well, it is, MOSTLY DIYS but not ALL. So yeah, you get the point…

Q: When can I expect your posts?

A: I usually post every week or so. But every now and then I might feel extra happy and do a surprise post. But, if you want to get notified, you can simply follow me to receive notifications!

Q: Do you have a YouTube channel?

A: Yeah, but there is only video. Here is my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw-TfChqYuVtMz16rpMUiUg

Q: What device do you use to take your pictures?

A: I use my iPhone 5 C and sometimes edit with the standard Apple IOS pictures function.

Q: What do you do with all the DIY stuff you make?

A: I usually keep it until I decide that I want to change it  (for decor) but for DIY “other” stuff, I keep it FOREVER (not really).

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